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    Disappointment at Snow

    I do not want the snow to fall,

    To add another disappointment to the ones I already hold,

    These that sit desolate, upon my lap,

    To mock me with their distinctive lack

    Of all that I dreamed of, and all that I hoped,

    Would happen this month, this year, this life.

    Some wishes of mine, although delayed may yet

    Perchance still occur,

    But yet, those that sit still and silent, all the more

    Make clear the lost hopes I was yearning for.

    The snow hides all under its thick coat

    Of white that freezes, and hides my hopes,

    While yet still displaying clear,

    My disappointments at the start of the year.


Estannen Nimthiriel,

Welcome! This may be rather random as I have so many interests, including writing, reading, playing clarsach, cosplay, baking, photography and calligraphy amongst other things.

But feel free to explore here.


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